Not a Saguache County Resident? Our cremation services and natural burial ground are ONLY available to Saguache County residents. If you’d like more information on alternative services, please visit the Informed Final Choices website.

Pall-bearers bring a body to the Crestone open-air pyre.

Welcome to the Crestone End-of-Life Project

The Crestone End-of-Life Project (CEOLP) is a non-denominational community-based group promoting informed end-of-life choices and supporting their fulfillment for Crestone and Saguache County residents.


Photo by Chris Manfield,

Were CEOLP’s service a tree, its visible portion would be our caring for the body of our beloved community members, assisting their families, filling out documents, preparing a ceremony.

Supporting these branches are the four limbs of possible end-of-life choices: burial (traditional & green) and cremation (traditional & open-air).

The trunk, out of which our limbs branch, our real strength, is our end-of-life values and attitudes. United in seeing death as a gate, a doorway, a sacred open space, we feel this transition holds great opportunity and assume death, regardless of external circumstances, to be possibility.

In this strength of clarity and respect, we work with the families, silently, if need be, always honoring their experience. Our roots rest out of sight, as does death itself. Claiming no knowledge of death and willing to assist in all religious traditions, we simply serve this mystery, feeling that what looks like an end is also a beginning, perhaps the most important time of life… its final gift.

Informational Video Series

Presented by Informed Final Choices, CEOLP’s educational outreach branch, these videos also offer suggestions for end-of-life planning including advance directives and communicating with family and loved ones.

Register for Services

If you are a Saguache County resident interested in registering for our services, click below.

Support Us

If you are a Crestone or Saguache County resident, we welcome your support of our mission to serve Saguache County residents. Consider donating to support our treasured ceremonial site by sponsoring a plaque, bench, firewood, or other much-needed items that help us serve our community.

Directions to the Cremation Pyre Site and Natural Burial Ground

From Rte 17:

  • At Moffat, turn onto County T Rd, towards the mountains.
  • 8.5 mile, turn LEFT onto the dirt road with the large angular POA sign and the small “Pyre” sign.

From Town of Crestone, or from Camino Baca Grande:

  • Turn onto County T Rd., away from the mountains.
  • 3.8 miles, turn RIGHT onto the dirt road with the large angular POA sign and the small “Pyre” sign, at 68575 County T Road.

The Site is .3 miles on the dirt road which forks to the right.

Please follow directives of the Parking Team, who will be present at the entry.