IFC/CEOLP Informational Video Series

The following short videos provide a brief, clear introduction to the Crestone End of Life Project, its breadth of service and the volunteers who make it possible.

Presented by Informed Final Choices, CEOLP’s educational outreach branch, these videos also offer suggestions for end-of-life planning including advance directives and communicating with family and loved ones.

This series was produced by Peter Taylor along with CEOLP/IFC volunteers and Crestone community members.

Photographic and video material from these videos is not to be used without express permission from the CEOLP and IFC boards.

We hope you find them informative and helpful.

 (Play All Videos here or single videos below)

1. Start Here (link) 1:22 Welcome to this video series on the Crestone End of Life Project, including ways to better prepare ourselves and our loved ones for our inevitable passage from this life.

2. Introduction (link) 3:15 Introduction to the Crestone End of Life Project—how it came to be, the service it offers, and those who make it possible.

3. Planning (link) 5:21 Regardless of our stage in life or health, we can all take steps now to ensure our wishes are carried out at the end of life, and that our values and legacy are known and honored by those we leave behind.

4. Registration (link) 5:13 Everything you need to know about registering with the Crestone End of Life Project.

5. Family Participation (link) 3:11 Meaningful ways that family members can be involved with home funeral, CEOLP’s open-air cremation, or conventional or green burial or cremation

6. Day of Cremation (link) 4:39 What happens on the day of a CEOLP-facilitated open-air cremation?

7. Wider Community Contribution (link) 3:43 Meet some of the Crestone area volunteers, artisans, and other community members that make our service possible.

More videos can be found on the Informed Final Choices website under Recommended Reading and Viewing.