LaVerne Howell

Date of BirthApril 10, 1912
Date of DeathMay 28, 2001
Cremation Ceremony DateMay 30, 2001

Still Heliotropic, by William Howell

Still remembered,
still walking with her hallmark stick
the the living
that had touched her,
roots deep
in the green sky,
stalk unbending
even in icy climes,
leaves outstretched
like Jesus risen up
and buds opened
in the St. Nick of time–
she, who had worn down her thorns,
would still have wanted them
along with Christmas
blossoms. At times
like those, she was
feathered juniper.
It was her
way–with a wink
and her woven hat wide-brimmed
enough that the wind once took her,
she would nod to the chickadees
twitting on the lowest bow.