Thanking COVID Staff

How to Best Thank Those Who Offer Compassionate
Care During the Pandemic
When Rosie Eastman, RN joined last month’s CEOLP/IFC
monthly Zoom meeting, she spoke about her experience
working with COVID ICU patients. Another meeting
participant asked Rosie how best to thank those who serve
in this way, since most of us have no personal connection
with these hardworking healthcare workers.
Rosie’s response was simple. Here are some things that
would be very appreciated: a kind handwritten note or card
sent to a hospital’s COVID floor, a bouquet of flowers, gift
cards, or, where permitted, home-baked treats. Also, the
opportunity for time away to renew and refresh is
important. If you have a second home or Airbnb, you could
offer a stay at a discounted rate or without charge.
Simply taking a moment each day to consider those on the
frontlines of service and sending a warm wish for their
wellbeing can be a great gift.