Informed Final Choices and Crestone End of Life Project Accomplishments for 2016

  • Both organizations received Saguache County Sales Tax Grants: IFC was awarded $2500 towards creating a new website (this one), and CEOLP was awarded $1000 for maintaining and improving the cremation site.
  • Hosted two Death Cafes
  • Sponsored three public film screenings: ‘Speaking of Dying’; ‘Open-Air’, and ‘Lady Ganga: Nilsa’s Story
  • Hosted two CEOLP REGISTRATION parties
  • Offered two Art & Dying day-long workshops
  • Welcomed the Evergreen Montessori School for their second annual tour and discussion at the site
  • Hosted a Tibetan Buddhist practice retreat, attended by 15 out-of-town participants.
  • Stephanie Gaines, Founder-Director of IFC/CEOLP, gave a short presentation to a group of 125 people attending a retreat in Crestone
  • Held two volunteer work days at the cremation site
  • Organized a day-long contemplative retreat for volunteers
  • Hosted the annual CEOLP memorial service at the site, recalling and honoring all those who have consecrated the site by requesting the services of CEOLP
  • Served two cremations, the most recent attended by more than 250 guests

Throughout the year, CEOLP/IFC holds a monthly open meeting at the Little Shepherd Fellowship Hall, on the second Wednesday of the month. More than 20 people consistently attend each meeting.

This year, the Crestone Eagle published several feature articles on IFC and CEOLP.

Both CEOLP and IFC receive numerous (more than 100 this year) queries from around the country about our services in general and more specific questions on end-of-life issues.

To date, there are approximately 150 people registered with CEOLP.