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The Crestone End of Life Project (CEOLP) is not a conventional funeral or crematory provider. CEOLP operates as a volunteer run, non-profit organization that supports, and assists in implementing, family-directed home funerals.

Because of Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) requirements CEOLP does not:

1. Transport the body of the deceased.
2. Provide refrigeration for the body of the deceased.
3. Provide a location in which the body of the deceased can remain in repose.

CEOLP offers support to the family in fulfilling the requirements of “home funeral.” If the family is uncomfortable with having the deceased at their home in repose, for up to 72 hours before cremation or burial or with transporting the body to the cremation or burial site, then the family or authorized representative of the deceased must make arrangements with a conventional funeral service provider and assume all costs incurred in doing so.



Please be advised that all electronic implants are potentially explosive when exposed to high temperatures, i.e. during cremation. Even when the battery in the implant is no longer functioning, the device itself remains explosive.

The force of an implant explosion can destroy the interior of a conventional crematory oven. In the case of open-air cremation, the debris from an implant explosion can harm those attending and ruin the pyre structure.

Some green burial cemeteries also require removal of electronic
implants because they are not biodegradable and are toxic.

If you have an electronic implant it is important that you notify family and indicate in your CEOLP REGISTRATION PAPERWORK that you have this device implanted. It must be removed before a cremation can take place. The cost for this procedure is assumed by the client’s estate or family. The procedure can be done by funeral home staff or qualified medical personnel. CEOLP volunteers are not authorized to remove implants.

If you have further questions, contact CEOLP REGISTRAR: or call 719-588-7415.

Click here to download the CEOLP Registration Packet (Updated May/07/2022 PDF File Download – 8.8MB)

right click to downloaded .PDF  (rev. 03/15/21) which can be filled out and printed

Alternately, you can request that a complete hard-copy registration packet be mailed to you from the CEOLP Registrar: or call 719-588-7415. Be sure to include your full contact information, and complete mailing address.