CEOLP Services


Education about end-of-life choices is our primary objective. The Crestone End of Life Project (CEOLP) vision is anchored in mindful and compassionate service, empowerment of group members and those we serve, and reverent openness towards the great mystery of the ‘death journey’ and its teachings.

Education is the most important aspect of our work:

  • To educate ourselves about end-of-life choices so that we can provide accurate information to those we serve
  • To learn the skills needed to accurately complete end-of-life documents
  • To train in all aspects of end-of-life service regarding preparation and care of the body in repose and its disposition
  • To develop sensitivity and skillfulness in working with those who request our services
Advanced Medical Directives workshop in Crestone, CO

Open-Air Cremation Site

The Crestone End of Life Project operates one of the only legal, open-air cremation sites in the state of Colorado. Learn more about our site and see photos.

(photographer unknown)

Natural Burial

The Crestone End of Life Project operates a Natural Burial Ground adjacent to our Open Air Cremation site. Learn more about our site and see photos. Crestone End of Life Project also works with the Town of Crestone to fulfill the wishes of area residents who would like to have a  burial in the Crestone Town Cemetery.

For more information on natural burials please read more about disposition choices.

Informed Final Choices

Our sister organization, Informed Final Choices (IFC), provides a wealth of resources on end of life topics such as disposition choicesissues you will face, a recommended reading list and more.

IFC also provides workshops and hosts events.