Carol N. natural burial, April 8th, 2022

Natural Burial Ground

In 2022, CEOLP established a Natural Burial Ground next to the Open-Air Cremation Pyre site. It is a beautiful peaceful place of gently rolling sand hills covered with rabbit brush and yucca, with a magnificent panorama of the Sangre deCristo Mountains, the San Juan Mountains, and the San Luis Valley. 

Burial is open to Saguache County residents of at least 90 days who have registered with CEOLP prior to their death.

CEOLP Natural Burial Ground burials require exclusively natural biodegradable materials. CEOLP provides shrouds and lowering cloths and can assist in helping to find other natural burial options, such as burial baskets, caskets or coffins.

Graves are hand dug. Only a low native stone marker is permitted. The family may choose to have the stone engraved at their expense.

Click here to register with the Crestone End of Life Project.