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Crestone End of Life Project (CEOLP) is a non-profit 501(c)3 volunteer-run community service organization, initiated to serve community members’ end of life wishes. We are able to provide our services through charitable, tax-deductible donations. To support us, please consider making a donation today. 

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We are always in need and appreciative of in-kind donations of time and resources. Please contact us to let us know how you might be able to help out.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers  are essential to making the work of CEOLP possible. Learn more about volunteering here.

I guess I originally got involved because of love and continued to stay involved because of love. This process is so helpful to families and our community in moving through our grief. Also, I love to serve and I found ways to fit in, whether just bringing instruments, helping families, or keeping the sensor fire going, while maintaining mindfulness and prayer.

– Elianna Krakauer

In the vision of the passionate and dedicated founders and volunteers of CEOLP, over the past 10+ years the organization has become recognized and respected not only in Crestone, but globally. As our local population expands and more people register with CEOLP, the organization’s growth represents an expression of trust that we will be here to serve them and their loved ones when the time comes.

There is something that happens within the end of life process that gets facilitated by this group that is far bigger and better and wiser than you can imagine on your own. I was privileged to be just a parking attendant. It’s a bit like I would imagine if I was parking cars in heaven.

– M. Volchok

Along with serving as secretary on the CEOLP board, I’ve written articles for the local newspaper, assisted with hosting a Death Café, and been part of a work crew clearing weeds and making other improvements at the cremation site. One reason I volunteer is simple: I really enjoy the people, the other volunteers involved with CEOLP. Beyond that, of course, is the fact that with many hands and hearts it’s easy to accomplish things that lead to making a difference in people’s lives—through CEOLP’s incredibly meaningful services to the community and through helping create opportunities for people to reflect, share, and make important decisions on issues that will face each of us at some point.

– Gussie Fauntleroy