Photo by David Wright

Volunteer with CEOLP

CEOLP’s services are all carried out by volunteers who offer their time and energy on behalf of those who go on before us,
and their loved ones. There are many ways to serve as a CEOLP volunteer, from tasks done via computer to on-the-ground activities required for an open-air cremation or natural burial. This is immensely meaningful and sacred work, most of which is done in teams led by experienced volunteers, while a few roles are handled by individuals.

CEOLP offers periodic trainings in all the volunteer roles.

Before joining a team or taking on a role, it is highly advised that you attend a cremation or natural burial as a guest, to get a
sense of the flow of volunteer activity and a feeling of the experience. Then you can shadow an experienced volunteer in the roles that interest you and move on to becoming an active volunteer. When a CEOLP registrant dies, team leaders contact the volunteers on their team to determine who is available to serve.

Click the link below to read brief descriptions of the volunteer roles.

For more information or to let the volunteer coordinator know of your interest in training for any of the roles, email us.